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Meet Matt Damon! He can be: a smart boy, a hot man, a forgetful spy, a honorable private, a learner thief, in a fairytale writer, a righteous cowboy, a rock singer, a immodest angel, a prejudiced student, a wonder lawyer, in a war specialist, a poker player, a able impersonator, a lost traveler, cynic policeman, a conjoint brother, a discredited golf player, a voice that take you to desert, to cosmos, to countryside... An excellent actor like him can be everything, everyone!!! Meet Matt Damon in all his contributions for the act art, his characters and because we know he is a very nice guy, so handsome and intelligent. Someone to admire... His hypnotic eyes...His hypnotic eyes... His killer smile...His killer smile...

Happy 37th Birthday To Matt Damon!

Posted By misspoli on Oct 8, 2007 at 2:44PM

Hey gang! Today is Matt Damon´s birthday. He is 37 years old.
A private party just for his family and closest friends will happen today in Florida.
This post is just to say Happy Birthday, Matt!

Matt and his best friend Ben with a beautiful birth cake!Matt and his best friend Ben with a beautiful birth cake!

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Matt Damon’s Wife Pregnant Again?

Posted By misspoli on Aug 30, 2007 at 3:21PM

Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana Barroso, are rumored to be expecting their second child together. The couple has a daughter together, Isabella, who is 14 months old. Luciana has a 9-year-old daughter from her first marriage. Luciana, 31, is rumored to be three months pregnant.
If Damon became a family man after marry to Luciana and he always says how the fatherhood change his life, imagine now, with more one kid! I hope they can have a boy now, because they have two girls at home.


They are so cute and will have more one baby!!! Congrats!They are so cute and will have more one baby!!! Congrats!

Forbes' list of Ultimate Star Payback

Posted By misspoli on Aug 12, 2007 at 9:20PM

Hollywood studios routinely shell out $20 million paychecks and serve up rich percentages of a film's revenue to A list stars like Will Smith, Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp on the premise that their famous faces ensure packed movie houses around the world on opening weekend.

Today starts the looking for Bourne

Posted By misspoli on Jul 15, 2007 at 11:31PM

In the official website of movie Bourne Ultimatum: http://www.bourneultimatum.com start today, July 16st, a looking for Jason Bourne. People will can use a Google tool to do it. Visit the site to learn how do it! But the movie, just in the next month.

Sexiest bodies - Matt Damon

Posted By misspoli on Apr 28, 2007 at 10:37AM

OK ladies! It´s a very old video, since last year, but it talks about Matt Damon! So I brought it from You Tube to share with you!

Who don´t love this smile?Who don´t love this smile?

Bourne Ultimatum: Aaah! He Remembers!

Posted By misspoli on Apr 28, 2007 at 7:57AM

Molly wrote: "We feel like Matt was filming Bourne Ultimatum forever (including reshoots last week), but we've finally got the first look at the finale of the incredible Bourne Trilogy. The first official trailer for Ultimatum has been released and just like the other two, it looks pretty awesome. We'll have to wait until August 3 to see the film on the big screen, but until then check out cute Matt take on the not-so-cutesy role of Jason Bourne for what is possibly the last time. Hey, you never know, maybe we'll get lucky and he'll make some more Bournes."

Yeah, ladies! We have two traillers of The Bourne Ultimatum. The official site have news too: some pics about the movie!

Check the site, it´s very nice:

If you didn´t see it:

The first official trailler:

The second official trailler:

Now, some cool images:

I see a lot of sugar girls are in countdown for this movie! That´s great!
I read in "come soon site" that this movie will be not like the book history, so his regards can be anything about his past. Does someone have any idea what it can be?

Countdown to Bourne Ultimatum - New poster and trailer!

Posted By misspoli on Apr 8, 2007 at 7:26AM

Bourne is coming on august!!!!
The third movie about Jason Bourne with Matt Damon is coming. The official website is in countdown and the first official trailer is on You Tube Website:

And this is the new poster:

The last part of Bourne Trilogy has been waited for a big fan groupThe last part of Bourne Trilogy has been waited for a big fan group

I can´t wait to see it!

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